Catalina – First Look!


Just a quick update to show what I’ve done so far.

This will be a completely new skin line, since I went and pulled an all nighter and remade the body and face and.. everything. I even have the skintones picked out already. XD

I still have a LOOOOONG way to go before they will be released of course. *twitches* So much to do!

If anyone knows the perfect windlight setting for both skin and prims, drop me a line please! I know about Nam’s skin and prim… but it still took some tweaking and getting the sun aimed just right before the lips didn’t look like.. well.. prim lips stuck on my face. XD

…… and I just realized my armpit is missing in the picture. OH THE SHAME!

.:Soul:. Polls!

I am asking YOU to help guide me in making the next line of .:Soul:. skins. Over the next few weeks, there will be probably a series of polls like the one below. All I’m asking is a few moments of your time to give me your input.

This first poll is asking what kinds of appliers would you like me to use for the new skins? If there is one I have forgotten, hit the OTHER box and let me know! I’m not sure if I can get the Wowmeh applier kit, since the Wowmeh bodies were discontinued (maybe only temporarily, IDK), so if that one ends up being in the running for a top choice, and I cant get it, I’ll try for the next one in the ranking.

Slink Appliers are not on the list because these are already a guarantee to be made for the skins and include the Pysique body, Visage Head, and Hands and Feet.

As of now, I don’t plan on making appliers for previously released skins beyond what I have already made.

Previously released skin appliers include:

Lumi – Slink Physique, Hands & Feet.

Lumio – Slink Hands and Feet.

Ceredil – Slink Hands and Feet. LOLAs Tangos.


**EDIT** Removed LOLAs Tangos because I had planned on doing those appliers anyway. Also, Lush takes the same appliers, I believe still, so those are planned on being done.

I did some research on the different appliers too. Belleza hasn’t opened up their developer/creator kits yet, so those are out of the running (for now). I’m hoping they release them with enough time before I finish up these skins.

* If anyone knows of a MALE mesh body that accepts appliers, IM me in-world or comment with the LINK to it please!

I really wish I could test my skins on the different items without having to buy them all. XD SO MUCH MONEY!

.:S:. Lumi PHYSIQUE and another GroupGift!

Out now in the Mainstore and Marketplace…

Lumi Appliers for the Slink Physique mesh body!

Yes, just like the pictures say, it will apply the head texture to the Visage head as well if you are wearing one at the time! It’s shown on the Becky head, and there are no special appliers for eye shadows, etc. for this skin.

Slink Hand and Feet Appliers are sold separately too and those include NAILS! *squee nails!* 

Also just out!


Okay, so it’s actually one from about two years ago that never made it onto the wall of gifties, but if you haven’t seen it before and don’t have it, it’s new to you, right? Besides, who doesn’t want zombies trying to claw their way up your skirt? (okay that sounded so WRONG! XD)

Only available in-store and only to VIP Group members!

As always, I’m a derp.


(Lerochelle Destiny)

.:Soul:. Mainstore Taxi

.:Soul:. on the Marketplace

.:Soul:. Coming SOON!


Coming Soon!

I know, I know, I’m a tease!

.:Soul:. B.O.B. Just Released + Halloween Group Gift!

Be prepared to “bug out” at a moment’s notice with the B.O.B. !

100% Original Mesh backpacks.

You know me, I’m a HUGE fan of options! Because of this, not only do you get the ability to change the texture on the blanket and bag separately, but each texture pack works with ALL of the others, including the Group Gift version! That means you can have stripes and camo, or halloween with a plain blanket. However you wish!

Oh, and you can choose between either a clean version of the textures, or ones that have… survived quite a while.

They also come with a rezzable backpack for the ground or a table that weighs in at .5 LI without the root prim and scripts, or 1 LI rounded up either way!


V.I.P. Halloween B.O.B. 

As a special Group Gift this month, I decided to add a bit of Halloween flavor to the B.O.B. … oh and of course I grunged it up a bit to give you guys even more options!

Stop by and see the rezzable version and try a DEMO! Because what’s Halloween without a little blood and gore smeared on a fun pattern?

Happy Halloween!

~Charlie @ .:Soul:.

(Lerochelle Destiny)

Horns of the Deep @ Mystic Realms Faire!

Just opening today you can get the Horns of the Deep at Mystic Realms Faire!

With 30 horn textures, the ability to hide or show the spikes on the curled horns, and 12 ring textures and the ability to hide the metal rings on the Warrior set, plus each pairing of horns comes as a set, or separately in each pack means you have nearly ENDLESS possibilities of combinations and options to play with for that perfect look!

Stop by at Mystic Realms Faire to see them in-world or try a DEMO!

.:Soul:. Docks & Three New Texture Sets

Hey guys! New things headed your way!

.:Soul:. Docks Kit 

I originally made these docks for a roleplay sim I ran, but now after several requests for them, they can be yours!

A quick run-down of the contents of the kit:

*Pre-made Pieces – (These are meant to be used, or as examples of how to configure the individual pieces.)

.:S:. Docks – Main Dock (5 LI)
.:S:. Docks – Long Dock (21 LI) *Five Main Docks put together.*
.:S:. Docks – Simple Slope (5 LI) *It’s a ramp.*
.:S:. Docks – Main Double End Pillars (5LI) *Has support pillars on both ends.*
.:S:. Docks – Main One Sided Pillars (5LI) *For against a wall or embankment.*
.:S:. Docks – Walkway Gentle Right Stepdown (9 LI) *45 Degree Turn*
.:S:. Docks – Walkway Gentle Left Stepdown (9 LI) *45 Degree Turn*
.:S:. Docks – Walkway Bendy Right Stepdown (9 LI) *S Curve*
.:S:. Docks – Walkway Bendy Left Stepdown (9 LI) *S Curve*

*Individual Pieces -

.:S:. Docks – Parts – Deck (3 LI)
.:S:. Docks – Parts – Short Deck (1 LI)
.:S:. Docks – Parts – Pillars Pair (1 LI)
.:S:. Docks – Parts – Pillars One Side Pair (1 LI)
.:S:. Docks – Parts – Pillars Double Side Single (1 LI)
.:S:. Docks – Parts – Pillars Double Side Lantern (2 LI)
.:S:. Docks – Parts – Pillars One Side Single (1 LI)
.:S:. Docks – Parts – Pillars One Side Single Lantern (2 LI)
.:S:. Docks – Parts – Stone Pillar Bases (1 LI)

The possibilities are endless with this kit!


Worn Country Textures

Included in this texture package:
9 Diffuse textures,
3 Bump, and
3 Specular maps
as shown in the pictures.

End User Licence Agreement applies.

Available in a total of 3 colors, sold separately.



All of these can be found In-World or on the Marketplace!

That’s all folks! Happy building!


(Lerochelle Destiny)