.:S:. Catalina in Creamsicle! Grab one while you can!

Because… Halloween… and I was born on Dias Los Muertos… and I needed to test out appliers and the skin and I REALLY love orange….

Catalina Creamsicle has made her debut in a VERY special, VERY limited edition!

Only 32 will EVER be sold! Why 32? Because I’m gonna be THAT old!

So what does it come with?
Dear god, so much stuff! Read on and stop by and grab a demo, and hopefully there will be one left just for you!


- Base Skin – This is Full Breast and Toned Belly.
- Base Skin – No Brows (So you can wear your own or be all avant garde!)

- Tattoo Body Options

- Belly Options

- Toned
– Muscled (Abs)
– Soft (Perfect for those with curvier shapes!)

- Breast Options

- Full Breast
– Small Breast (Lighter shaded.)
– Bitty Boobies (Barely there shading.)

*Note #1* Body option tattoos cover the entire torso and are paired together (Soft – Small Breast, Muscled – Bitty Boobies, etc.) and on the Soft, they cover the legs as well! Be sure to wear any tattoos OVER these or you won’t see them. You can change which layer of Sl clothing is on top via the appearance menu.

*Note #2* The Soft belly does NOT come paired with the Bitty Boobies. The Soft belly is deigned for those with a curvier frame, and usually (90% of the time) curvier women have breasts.

- Beta Mesh Ears

- Troll
– Animale Long
– Elf Nub
– Elf Long

*Note #1* These ears are Modify and Copy so you can adjust them to fit your head and shape. However, they do have a rigged mesh root prim (So you can’t accidentally have it sticking through the back of your skull when editing the ears.) In order to edit the ears, you need to Edit Linked, and select the ear. Then the sizing and moving thinger, should be in the right spot.

*Note #2* These ears are unscripted and have no way to match the texture to another skin. (unless it’s a darker red or something like that.) They are Betas because I am currently reworking them completely for a future mesh ear release.

*Note #3* The Left and Right sides of the head are from your avatar’s perspective, not your’s if you’re looking at her. (This always confuses me!)

- Shapes (I’ve included the five standard sizes for rigged clothing with the Catalina face.)

- Mesh Eyelashes (These are fully mesh and shouldn’t harass your hair, or let your hair harass them. I included these because the Catalina skins do not have painted on eyelashes. Besides, 3D lashes look better! These lashes are also attached to a rigged root prim, just like the ears, so same editing skills apply. They are fitted to the included shapes as well as being copy and mod.)

- ALL the Appliers!

- Slink Physique (And it also applies the texture to the Visage head if you have one! No makeup options though. Also textures the Hands and Feet.

- Slink Hands & Feet (Why did I include this also separately? Because in the full line of skins, the hands and feet appliers will be included, while the Physique and other bodies will not.)

- Slink Nail (Yes, only one nail texture to match the skin.)

- LOLAs (Okay so this is where we get to the fun parts! The LOLAs applier SHOULD work with MOST other mesh breasts out there. You will have to check the instructions included with the mesh breasts you have. The applier ONLY has the Full Breasts texture! (Any Nea Perkies fans out there? Drop me a line and we’ll talk shop!) The List of breasts I have checked that it works with are: Sinful Needs, *X*plosion Boinka Boobs, Puffy!, and Lush… however, for a perfect fit on the Lush….)

- Lush (You need to use these. Something with Lush has the textures a bit skewed from a LOLAs applier.)

- Loud Mouth (No lipstick or highlight options, just the beautiful mouth!)

- AMD Baby Bump (Wear with the Soft Belly options!)

- [uL] Booty (Truth be told, the Booty has been removed from SL, so for those of you using it, no guarantees on how well the applier will work. LET ME KNOW!)

If you can think of ANY other appliers that I should make for the full skin line, let me know! Drop me an IM or a NC! That includes if you notice anything off on ANY of the appliers, skins, or anything!

Appliers currently planned are the ones above, plus:
The Mesh Project
JD Feet

(So why didn’t I include them? Because I haven’t gotten the kits for most of them yet, and honestly, I need to adjust the textures for each one, unless you don’t mind your nipples sliding up your breasts! LOL! No, I will probably not be making them for this skin. I might as a tester, but don’t count on it. If I do, though, you will get free updates on this skin pack!)

At this time I will NOT be making Omega Appliers for these skins. Since most of the appliers will be included with the skins (not the bodies, booties, or heads) It doesn’t make sense to me to make yet ANOTHER applier that covers them all again. We will see where my head is at after the full range of skins are out though.

Wowmeh? Nope, sorry. For one thing it is DMCA’d and taken off the market so I can’t get one to test it out myself, but also the applier setup for it requires me to do a lot of renaming of textures and actually putting said textures directly into the applier HUD. Nope. Sorry.

I will not give out my textures to anyone for any reason (even if it’s to put them on your breasts that I don’t make an applier for. Though if it does come with an applier system, try the LOLAs applier or contact me and I will probably make appliers for it!)

The skins SHOULD be 99% seamless! I am aware of one seam that you can’t see on this skin but you can on other tones. That will be fixed on the full release.

Mesh seams where it connects to your standard avatar? Try Windlight setting of CalWL, Nam’s Skin and Prim, and be sure to remove facelights, any lights around you, and turn off advanced windlight settings. (Ah SL, why can’t you just work with everything for once? XD)

So… I think that’s it!

(Lerochelle Destiny)


.:S:. Fantasy Skin Polls!

Now HERE is what you’ve been waiting for! It’s YOUR chance to make yourself heard and vote for what Fantasy tones I will be making as standard colors for the new skin line. In total, I made 19 different colors, some are just different shades of the same color, but I couldn’t decide which one I liked better, so you do!

Guys! (Boys, Males, human beings (or other) with your jiggly bits between your legs.) You need to vote too as these same colors will be used for the future male fantasy skins too!

The top 8-10 skins picked will be the winners!


Read the titles. On some you can pick only one, on others, two.

There are FIVE polls in total. One for each base color. Be sure to vote on ALL of them! :D

Vote for the number of the tone that matches that in the picture. (Sorry the pictures on the polls are so small. Edited to have the pictures bigger above them.)

2014 Skintones Fantasy Blues

2014 Skintones Fantasy Purples

2014 Skintones Fantasy Pinks

2014 Skintones Fantasy Reds

2014 Skintones Fantasy Greens

SO MANY COLORS! *collapses*

Thank you for voting!

~ Charlie

(Lerochelle Destiny)

Another Applier Poll!

On the one hand, you could have all the appliers for all the bodies I make for all at once, thus filling your inventory up and possibly confusing you. If you only have one type of applier needing thing, you wouldn’t use the other things you paid for.

On the other hand, you’d have to spend a little more time in the store or on the MP, making separate purchases specifically for the items you need, then grouping them together in your inventory. (If you’re organized like me.)

I want your opinion!

Catalina – First Look!


Just a quick update to show what I’ve done so far.

This will be a completely new skin line, since I went and pulled an all nighter and remade the body and face and.. everything. I even have the skintones picked out already. XD

I still have a LOOOOONG way to go before they will be released of course. *twitches* So much to do!

If anyone knows the perfect windlight setting for both skin and prims, drop me a line please! I know about Nam’s skin and prim… but it still took some tweaking and getting the sun aimed just right before the lips didn’t look like.. well.. prim lips stuck on my face. XD

…… and I just realized my armpit is missing in the picture. OH THE SHAME!

.:Soul:. Polls!

I am asking YOU to help guide me in making the next line of .:Soul:. skins. Over the next few weeks, there will be probably a series of polls like the one below. All I’m asking is a few moments of your time to give me your input.

This first poll is asking what kinds of appliers would you like me to use for the new skins? If there is one I have forgotten, hit the OTHER box and let me know! I’m not sure if I can get the Wowmeh applier kit, since the Wowmeh bodies were discontinued (maybe only temporarily, IDK), so if that one ends up being in the running for a top choice, and I cant get it, I’ll try for the next one in the ranking.

Slink Appliers are not on the list because these are already a guarantee to be made for the skins and include the Pysique body, Visage Head, and Hands and Feet.

As of now, I don’t plan on making appliers for previously released skins beyond what I have already made.

Previously released skin appliers include:

Lumi – Slink Physique, Hands & Feet.

Lumio – Slink Hands and Feet.

Ceredil – Slink Hands and Feet. LOLAs Tangos.


**EDIT** Removed LOLAs Tangos because I had planned on doing those appliers anyway. Also, Lush takes the same appliers, I believe still, so those are planned on being done.

I did some research on the different appliers too. Belleza hasn’t opened up their developer/creator kits yet, so those are out of the running (for now). I’m hoping they release them with enough time before I finish up these skins.

* If anyone knows of a MALE mesh body that accepts appliers, IM me in-world or comment with the LINK to it please!

I really wish I could test my skins on the different items without having to buy them all. XD SO MUCH MONEY!

.:S:. Lumi PHYSIQUE and another GroupGift!

Out now in the Mainstore and Marketplace…

Lumi Appliers for the Slink Physique mesh body!

Yes, just like the pictures say, it will apply the head texture to the Visage head as well if you are wearing one at the time! It’s shown on the Becky head, and there are no special appliers for eye shadows, etc. for this skin.

Slink Hand and Feet Appliers are sold separately too and those include NAILS! *squee nails!* 

Also just out!


Okay, so it’s actually one from about two years ago that never made it onto the wall of gifties, but if you haven’t seen it before and don’t have it, it’s new to you, right? Besides, who doesn’t want zombies trying to claw their way up your skirt? (okay that sounded so WRONG! XD)

Only available in-store and only to VIP Group members!

As always, I’m a derp.


(Lerochelle Destiny)

.:Soul:. Mainstore Taxi

.:Soul:. on the Marketplace

.:Soul:. Coming SOON!


Coming Soon!

I know, I know, I’m a tease!