.:Soul:. Fantasy-palooza!

Okay guys and gals, this one is a DOOZY so strap in tight, keep your hands and arms inside at all times, and HOLD TIGHT because I give to you….

The Catalina – Fantasy Line!

The Catalina Fantasy Skins 899L

Perfect for if you want to play an orc, or a mer, or an elf, or a demon, or.. whatever you want to be! Available in 8 colors, each Skin set includes…

  • Base Skin – With & Without Eyebrows – Toned – Full Breast
  • Body Option Tattoos:
    • Toned – Small Breasts
    • Toned – Bitty Boobies
    • Muscled – Full Breast
    • Muscled – Small Breasts
    • Muscled – Bitty Boobies
    • Soft Belly – Full Breasts
    • Soft Belly – Small Breasts
  • Makeups (All Lipsticks, Eyebrows, & Hairbases can be used with ANY skin!)
    • 8 Lipsticks + Appliers for Loudmouth & Nyam Nyam (Called the Sampler pack. Also sold separately. See Below.)
    • 2 Eyeshadows + The 7 Eye shadows also included in the Human skins
    • 8 Eyebrows, tinted to go with the skin tones.
    • 8 Hairbases, also tinted to the skin tones.
  • Catalina Shape in 5 Standard sizes
  • Mesh Eyelashes
  • Appliers:
    • Slink Hands & Feet, All 8 tones of Slink Nail Appliers, LOLAs, Lush, Loudmouth, Nyam Nyam, [uL] Booty, and the AMD Baby Bump.
  • Plus I tossed in a matching texture for the Petite Cloppers too.


The Slink Physique Appliers 349L


  • All the previously mentioned Body Options.
  • Also textures Slink Hands & Feet.
  • Slink Nail appliers. (All 8 tones.)
  • Will also apply the Base head texture (with brows) to the Visage head. (No makeups though, sorry!)


The Maitreya Appliers 349L


  • All the Body Options that come with the main skin.
  • Maitreya Nail appliers. (All 8 tones.)


The TMP Body Installers 349L



  • All the Body Options that come with the main skin.
  • Why no Nails? TMP hasn’t released the nail kits to developers yet, sorry!


The TMP Face Installers 549L

No rainbow picture cause I got lazy.


  • Base Skin – With & Without Eyebrows
  • Makeups (All Lipsticks, Eyebrows, & Hairbases can be used with ANY skin!)
    • 8 Lipsticks (Called the Sampler pack. Also sold separately. See Below.)
    • 2 Eyeshadows
    • 8 Eyebrows, tinted to go with the skin tones.
    • 8 Hairbases, also tinted to the skin tones.


Also Available…

TMP Eyebrows & Hairbases (Sold in separate packs and included with the TMP Faces.) 199L


Fantasy Line Lipsticks (Sold in separate packs. Sampler Pack included with the Catalina Fantasy Skins.) 199L – 299L

Sampler pack 299L ~ All other packs are 199L Wearable Demo & Group Gifts are of course 0L


Uni Ears – Fantasy Applier HUDs 199L

Cause you gotta have dem ears match, yo!

2015 Uni Ears - Fantasy Applier HUDS

Is that it? I think that’s it…. Yeah.. pretty sure that’s all… *shifty eyes*

.:Soul:. V.I.P.s GROUP GIFT!

Be sure to grab the gift in the V.I.P. Lounge! Two lipsticks and a whole lot of appliers for them too!


Ok now that’s it. :D

Happy Fantasy Shopping!

~ Charlie

.:Soul:. Taxi

(Hair shown in pictures from Exile – Collabor88 & +Spellbound+)


.:Soul:. Uni Ears – Round 2 is out!

Now available in eight more shapes come Round 2 of the Uni Ears!


1 Pair of Uni Ears (Shown on Vendor.)
Uni Ears HUD

Change the Skin Texture & Tint.

Change the Tattoo Layer, Tint, Adjust Transparency (including Hide), and Glow!
Comes preloaded with matching appliers to all current Catalina Skins! (including the Drows!) With a little tweaking, or the right skin applier, you can have a “perfect” match to any skin!*

Alpha Layer & Texture
Blending Rings (Mesh) along with 3 strengths of Tattoo Blending Rings

All prior Appliers are compatible with these ears, along with reverse compatibility! You can also use Mer Ear appliers to get even more different looks.

(* There is no absolute perfect match in SL. To receive the best results, follow the included instructions, use an applier matched by the creator that made the skin you are wearing, and use the proper windlight settings.)

Want to make appliers for these ears? Send Lerochelle Destiny an IM or NC in-world!

Taxi to .:Soul:.

.:Soul:. Coming Soon Teaser…

From .:Soul:.

Catalina in Terra (F5) Skintone – Soft, Small Breast & Maitreya Applier
Fantasy Line Exclusive Smoked Out Eyeshadow.
Terra Loudmouth Applier + Fantasy Line (F4) – 1 Lipstick Applier
Uni Ears – Blix – Terra Applier & Fantasy Sparkle Tattoo.

Tableau Vivant – Nyoki Hair
IKON eyes – Deadshine Eyes – Quicksilver (GG)
Alli Loudmouth (open), Vampire Teeth add-on.
Maitreya Lara Mesh Body

Final list of Fantasy tones are as follows:

.:Soul:. Catalina Maitreya Appliers!

Whooo!!! First release of 2015!


Body Applier Options:

Toned with Full Breasts
Toned with Small Breasts
Toned with Bitty Boobies
Muscled with Full Breasts
Muscled with Small Breasts
Muscled with Bitty Boobies
Soft Belly with Full Breasts
Soft Belly with Small Breasts

Also includes all tones of matching Natural nails for the Maitreya hands and toes! All in one nice little package!

Human tones are on the Marketplace right now as well as both Human and Drow tones being available at .:Soul:. 

There’s also only 10 copies of the Creamsicle Limited Edition skins, which now also include Maitreya Appliers! 5 on the Marketplace, and 5 in-world!


The new store is also in place and nearly finished! (like I’ll ever really FINISH something like that! HAH!) So be sure to check it out! There’s a bunch of stuff on CLEARANCE as well as all those V.I.P. Group goodies. Speaking of the V.I.P. Group….


I closed off entirely and ejected everyone from the De La Soul VIPs group today. I have given PLENTY of warning (two months of it!) to everyone as to when this switch over was due to happen. I am leaving the new .:Soul:. V.I.P.s Group as open enrollment for ONE MORE WEEK ONLY!!! If you haven’t gotten in by then, there will be no refunds, and if you really want in, you’ll have to pay the fee to get back in.


That’s all folks! Be caring, be daring, and most of all, HAVE FUN!


(Lerochelle Destiny)

.:Soul:. Why Universal Appliers Don’t Work Well


***NSFW pictures & words below! You have been warned!***

I have been approached and asked many times now to create appliers for a well-known universal applier set-up. (We all know which one I’m talking about, so I won’t say.) Each time I have refused for the same reasoning, but I think that what I have said doesn’t get understood very well by some.

My reasoning behind not making universal appliers is because each mesh body out there demands slight (and some not-so-slight) tweaks to the skin texture to make it look the best it can on each mesh body. Usually this means (for me) that I need to move the nipples around to sit in the right spots (or else it looks like kinky googly eyes! XD) Sometimes I need to shift the belly button up or down a bit, or repaint the vag area entirely. I’d also of course have to adjust or repaint/remake the toes/feet and hands. But I’m not going to talk about the hands or feet in this.

Now, I’m not bashing anyone or anything here, this is me just trying to explain and SHOW why I refuse to slap just any of my skins on any random body and call it good. It’s also not a review of any of the mesh bodies.

Words just can’t show as much as a picture can, so here goes. (NSFW stuff after the break)

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Little Creator’s Secrets: Loving LBB! (Local Bitmap Browsing)

I’ve told enough people about this so often now, and I keep repeating it, I think it’s a bout time I start revealing a few of my “Little Creator’s Secrets” to building in SL.

Today I want to talk to you about LBB, or Local Bitmap Browsing. This is what I learned it was called, so this is what I’m calling it. I’m not sure if any other viewers have this, but I use the Firestorm Viewer, so that is what I am going to show you with.

So… you’re making a texture for something and you’re constantly re-uploading to see your revisions? STOP NOW!

  1. Go to the Texture tab of the Edit window, where you would normally apply a texture.
  2. Click the texture preview little square box thingy. (srsly what is it called?)
  3. Another window pops up showing the same square preview box thingy a bit bigger. Below that there is Inventory and Local. Swap it to Local.LBB Tut
  4. Click the Add button and find the texture you want to see in-world on your hard drive. Select it, and it will be in the list on the right hand side of the smaller window. Click the texture name in there, and it will be applied to whatever prim/face you have selected.
  5. Now just go back to your texture editing software, and edit the texture how you like. When you would like to see how it looks in-world, just SAVE OVER the same texture you set up in LBB. The change should happen within moments. (and without having to pay 10L$ for every revision!)


  • You will still need to upload the texture as normal for anyone else to see it, or to sell anything with it applied. (You can also select the texture in the right hand listing, and hit the Upload button under Add.)
  • The texture will ONLY be visible to YOU. Everyone else will see a grey unloaded texture.
  • To be SURE that you don’t still have a LBB texture on an item you deem “finished” be sure to REMOVE all of the textures in the listing at the side using the button below Add. (Or relog. relogging clears all those textures too.)

So there you have it. How to easily (and cheaply!) check your textures in SL without having to upload every single time.

Firestorm Wiki on LBB

Happy Building everyone!


.:S:. Another Group Gift!?!

Grab the earrings to be all decked out for the parties going on tonight! (Works on any other ear as well as the Uni Ears!)