.:Soul:. Davina & Kissers @ Main Store

With Skin Fair being over, the Davina skins and Kissers are now in the .:Soul:. Main Store.

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.:Soul:. Censored… by Flickr.

Okay guys, I don’t rant often. I don’t complain formally often either, but this time, I think I need to, if anything to get it off my chest.

So if you don’t want to read a rant/complain/bitch-fest, don’t fully open this post.

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.:Soul:. Dominic Special Edition Release

Out now in the .:Soul:. main store is the Special Limited Edition of Dominic in Creamsicle! With special tattoo markings across the face, he’s going to be a hit for a roleplay character!

As always with me, the Creamsicle tone is reserved as a Limited Edition, and only 32 copies will EVER be sold! 

Included in the Special Edition Bundle:

  • 4 Base Skins – Toned Natural Body Option – With and without Brows and Stubble.
  • Natural Body Options as Tattoo Layers – Soft, Athletic, and Muscular.
  • 5 Standard Sized Shapes.
  • Brow Shaper.


  • Slink Hands, Feet, & Nails, Lotus Platinum, LoudMouth, and Uni Ears.
  • Also includes Mesh Project Body and Face Installers with ALL body options!

As always, if I end up making appliers for other mesh bodies or items, the Creamsicle will be updated with those as well.

You can pick up the Dominic Special Edition and the DEMOs at .:Soul:.


.:Soul:. HUD Layout Voting

So… Working on a new project, and it needs a new HUD! But Gibbs and I are.. well… butting heads on which Layout Style is the best.

So I’m leaving up to the people that will be using these HUDs the most, You!

Just take a look at the two screenshots of the two different HUDs, and cast your vote below them. Nice and Easy.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • The Color Picker and Saved Appliers buttons may be moved around to fit better with the flow, but their general locations in the pictures is roughly where I am looking at them being.
  • The Theme and texture style of the HUDs may change. These are just some quick (by quick I mean 3 days of work XD) textures to see the functionality and general layouts of the HUDs.
  • Both HUDs will “minimize” into the Logo Area. (I didn’t change the orientation of the Logo’s arrows on the Top Layout HUD. XD Oops!)
  • You are to be looking at the layout of the HUD, not necessarily the style or color theme going on. How well do you think it flows? Does it seem to make sense? (Even though buttons aren’t explained, but the use of it.)
  • I hate that these points sound like rules.
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Vertical Style Wins! Thank you all for voting!



Vertical Style Layout. Click to view Full Size


.:Soul:. @ SKIN FAIR 2015

Skin Fair is OPEN! WHOO~!

.:Soul:. has a few goodies there this year! Let’s get this list going!

.:Soul:. Kissers (599L)

There are so MANY different options for these, it’s hard to just list them off. First, you have the Kissers styles. Closed, Open, Smile, Vampire, Orc, and Neko.

You get Every. Single. Catalina. Skin. applier included with the main HUD, plus Nine lipsticks from that skin line too.

Now the Options!

  • You can Tint the Skin or Lipstick layers separately.
  • Adjust Transparency and Glow on the Lipstick layer. (Or hide it completely.)
  • Applier ready! Quite a few skin creators are already making appliers for the Kissers! Check the Creator’s list to see if your favorite is there. (Most are still only at Skin Fair right now.)
  • Omega Applier Ready! For the Lipstick layer only right now. Stop by the .:Soul:. main store or Love-n-Lust and pick up the Relay.

For the full functionality and how to fit, check out the Instructions.

Davina Skins (899L)

The full line of Davina skins have been released at Skin Fair! This includes the Human, Fantasy, and Drow tones.

Just check out what’s included!

Davina skins use the Catalina Body Appliers! These can only be found at .:Soul:.

Stop by SKIN FAIR and see what you can find! There are a bunch of amazing stores there offering even more amazing items!

DEMOs of the skins and Kissers are available at the Main store as well if you don’t want to hassle with the masses just to demo.


Also, don’t forget to stop by NOX  and pick up their new Lipsticks made specially for the .:Soul:. Kissers!

Yup! I’m in the picture too! :D

Well, back to making more things! \o/

~Charlie of .:Soul:.

.:Soul:. Kawaii Animal Lipsticks

Animal Wha?

Animal Lipsticks of course!

Panda, Kitty, Grumpy, & Fox


Each lipstick is sold separately for 99L, and .:Soul:. V.I.P. group members get 50% off!

Each lipstick includes the Tattoo layer, The Mesh Project Installer, and .:Soul:. Kissers Applier!

Why not Loudmouth or NyamNyam? Because those mouths do not cover the entire area needed for the lipstick. (i.e. They cut off the ears. Oh, no!)

You can pick these up now in the skin section of .:Soul:. and be sure to grab the DEMOs for the upcoming .:Soul:. Kissers and Davina skins to be released at Skin Fair on the 13th!

Taxi to .:Soul:.

(Did you know? .:Soul:. Kissers are currently the ONLY mesh mouth that supports a FULL layer for lipsticks or tattoos? That means you can wear those tattoos that go up your chin and to your lips!)

.:Soul:. Kissers also now have an Omega Relay available for the Lipstick/Tattoo layer! If it uses Omega and has lipstick, it should work with the Kissers! The Relay is available at Love-n-Lust Designs and at .:Soul:. right now for only 99L!

.:Soul:. Kissers to Debut at Skin Faire 2015!

Coming soon to Skin Faire 2015!

These Mesh mouths will include skin textures to match ALL Catalina face skin tones, along with NINE lipsticks, and the options to adjust tinting, Lipstick Transparency, and Lipstick Glow!

More appliers will be available separately, and from some of your favorite creators!

If you’re interested in being a Developer, stop by .:Soul:. and join the .:Soul:. Kissers Developer’s Subscribo group (no group slot needed.) to get the Developer’s Kit!

There will be more at Skin Faire too!


I’ve also opened up the Uni Ears Developer’s Subscribo in the same way. If you want to make appliers for the Uni Ears, just stop by the store and slap that subscribo joiner to get the Uni Ears Developer’s Kit!